"As a commercial real estate developer and attorney, I have negotiated well over 500 shopping center leases. Stu's understanding of the business and legal aspects of shopping center transactions enabled his client to ask the right questions, to obtain the items the client needed to run a profitable business and to negotiate a lease fair to both parties -- the hallmarks of a successful transaction."
Jeffrey Oliphant, Esq., JLO Washington Enterprises, Inc., shopping center developer and operator, and co-author of "The Shopping Center Game"

Rated "Superb"
by AVVO.com


  • negotiate or draft better commercial leases
  • ask the important questions
  • identify and minimize unavoidable risks
  • catch important details that might otherwise be missed
  • add significant provisions that are missing
  • mitigate lease-based economic ups and downs
  • save money
  • protect their businesses
Stu Heller works with you to:
  • Get agreement on the business points first
  • Generate or understand the proposed lease
  • Negotiate better terms
  • Get the deal done or understand why you should walk away
  • Exercise options to extend your lease term
  • Evaluate your current lease or one that comes with a business you want to buy
  • Deal with noncompliance
  • Understand your landlord's title to the premises and how it could affect you
  • Develop a new lease to offer your tenant or landlord
  • Troubleshoot your business' legal issues
  • Set up, revise and maintain your business entities
  • Buy and sell businesses and real and personal property
  • Draft, review, negotiate and improve other business agreements

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